Power & pureness of Love.

Romantic novellas, LGQBT love stories, fantasy romance, sci-fi romance, and boundless other embodiments that
spur love, desire, and fascination. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal, Contemporary, & MM Romance. Books Available
Online and at Amazon.


Infusing genres of romance, sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural phenomena with compelling characters, unequaled love, and a contemporary touch.

Literary incarnations that are beyond the realm of this world.


Sidonie Savage

– Independent Author, Editor and Teacher

As a contemporary and an instinctive author, I write in a variety of diverse romantic subgenres ranging from contemporary incarnations, fantasy stories, sci-fi renditions, MM and LGBTQ romance, and passionate stories about ‘love’ with no boundaries. Readers and literary zealots who are fans of unprecedented romance and other genres will certainly discover their true fictitious ‘poison’ in my collection

Book Titles

“Mesmerize your senses.”

Quench your thirst for love without boundaries and without limitations

The empath’s lover

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January 13, 2021

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