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About the Author.

Sidonie Savage is a romance fanatical and passionate love aficionado who enjoys many subgenres of romance, including fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi, contemporary, MM, and LGBT. She also enjoys watching B.L. series.

A teacher and mom by day, and an avid reader and writer by night, Sidonie has a B.A. in Language and Literature and a B.Ed. Degree. From romance stories, novellas, short stories, and passionate poetry pieces, Sidonie enjoys the world of contemporary romance. For Sidonie finding one true love that is boundless and fulfilling is the benchmark of her literary creations.

Sidonie Savage writes romance in all its incarnations (M/M, sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, contemporary), intended for readers 18 years of age and older.

“The Best Thing About Being a Writer.”

Sidonie Savage.

For me, since I am an introvert, the best thing about being a writer is able to express my thoughts and emotions. My poetry is a great outlet for this, but even in my fiction writing, where the story is made up and not necessarily reflective of my own life, I am still able to express my own feelings and worries, though in a more abstract way. Another big plus is being a good role model for my sons. They can see that free time can be channeled into productive hobbies that can be helpful and entertaining to others. They also get to see a good work ethic, and that even when I don’t know how to do something, I make an effort to learn, like I’ve had to learn about publishing.

Sidonie’s brand of writing stands for the power and pureness of love and the fact of how ‘love is love’ regardless of gender, races, species, and every tangible thing in the whole universe.

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