Sidonie Savage

Author of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal, Contemporary and MM Romance

My Books

I write Erotic MM and LGBTQ+ and Contemporary Romance in various sub-genres, such as paranormal, fantasy, and sci-fi. Erotic romance is different from erotica in that, though there may be a few “erotic” scenes, the real focus is the love story. Nevertheless, it is intended for readers 18+.


“Love beyond limits.”

Book 1:

The Empath’s Lover: A M/M Sci-Fi Romance Novella

An idealistic astronaut. A rebel alien officer. Can they find a lasting love amid their mission to save humankind?

For years, Davon Pax has ignored his personal life in the pursuit of one goal; be among the first to explore the outer solar system. When he awakens from cryo-sleep after a decade’s long journey it seems like those dreams are about to come true—until an unexpected event threatens to destroy his ship and its crew.

Tulq’on’s years of observation seem to amount to nothing when Kyphomi Command decides to ignore his recommendations. When Tulq’on risks his life to save Pax’s ship, the kind-hearted physician pulls him from the wreckage and they are struck by their immediate and undeniable connection.

Will their newfound love survive the fight to save humankind, or will their differences pull them apart and spell doom for the people of Earth?

The Empath’s Lover is a standalone, action-packed Sci-fi MM Romance novella by break-out author Sidonie Savage. If you like romance, space, and steamy MM scenes, then you’ll love Savage’s captivating space adventure.

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This book is a 25,000-word novella intended for readers 18+.

Book 2: The Empath’s Second Chance

Coming Soon!